All Best Types of Tuxedo Suits At One Place.

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A nice tuxedo suit immediately makes you stand out from the crowd. 

Some people know very little about Wedding Suits  Tuxes. They usually think that all the tuxedos are the same. The collar of the tuxedo is the same as suits, and their back potions are longer than the front portions. However, tuxedos and suits are not the same in reality, because they are made in different styles and designs for every different occasion. A tuxedo is one kind of suit which is usually worn at various events, such as wedding night, prom night, and other ceremonies, and it can also be worn at elegant business gatherings. Tuxedo suits give graceful look and add extra style as well as flair to it than regular suits. If you are planning on attending a wedding, a ballet, cruise night,  a movie premiere, or any black-tie event, a nice tuxedo suit is all that you need.
And if you want a well-designed tuxedo suit and wish to shop, WedCell Events help to find that one fine wear for you. 
Yes!  We at WedCell feel happy to serve with your perfect match suit. You can compare and find the best wear according to your choice on our platform and connect with them directly. 

Tux does not just happen to be black and white only. Our team of professionals ensures tuxedos in a vast number of shades and colors; from black to graphite, to gray, to charcoal, to crimson red, to midnight blue, and to Spectre-style Daniel Craig in white. We deeply believe that choosing something outside of the classic black style just needs to be pulse-checked against the rest of the party.
Here are our top best tuxedos to give you a gorgeous look.

The Classic Lapel Tuxedo – There are three tuxedo lapel types; Peak Lapel, Shawl Collars, and Notch Lapels.
Peak Lapel is considered the most formal and most traditional type. 

Shawl Collars are considered to be the most comfortable and elegant of all types.
Notch Lapels are generally common in suits and are the least formal of all three types. 
Classic Tux style is typically paired with a bow or a tie and a leather shoe.

Colorful Shawl Tuxedo –   You can spice up your look by adding some contrasting shades and color to your tux. These super cool tuxedos come in colors such as navy blue, grey, maroon, etc. With some basic makeup and styling, these suits can go with any style of wedding design you are going for.

The White Tuxedo and Dinner Jacket -    You can go with a classic white tuxedo look, however, there are two options we have for you – one with the white with a black shawl lapel or two with the traditional white dinner jacket look. We love to pair our grooms with either of the looks with black pants, and a bow tie. It comes out gorgeous, trust me!

Black Paisley Tuxedo - These are rich in designs and style. We love to see our grooms in this stylish Paisley look with a double-breasted vest and a chick grey velvet bow tie. 

Velvet Tuxedo - You must have seen many of your favorite fashion icons wearing Velvet Tuxedo and rocking their look. Whatever color you are looking for Velvet is available, just pick the best as per your choice.
Therefore, do not wait to grab the best deal for your top looks and style. We are incredibly delighted to serve you with our superlative options and designs. Call us if you have any special requirements to be made.
Happy Shopping!