Best collection of Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees

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We all love our dearest and legendry Bollywood actress Rekha, and so, therefore, are well aware – how much she loves wearing Kanjeevaram sarees. The entire globe knows that she has a collection of enviable Kanjeeevaram sarees in her wardrobe.  

All saree-loving women have one eternal love, and that is love for Kanjivarams. And there are multiple reasons why women are crazy for these sarees – these sarees are stunningly gorgeous, painstakingly hand-woven, and crafted with one of the finest silk fabrics. These are famous not only in India but also in the entire world.  Kanjeevaram Sarees are identified for the intricate interplay of silk and Zari yarn.  These richly adorned sarees first got their name from South India, initially known as Kancheepuram.   
If you don’t wish to wear lehengas at your wedding, kanjeevaram sarees are the best choice. It looks more royal, elegant, and represents pure Indian traditions. These sarees are religiously worn by the brides and also by many ladies in the wedding ceremony mostly in South India. If you are a guest then also you can opt for wearing a Kenjeevaram, trust me no lehenga and no regular saree can compete with the graceful look of this Kanjivaram. There are soft silk and lightweight Knajeevaram types for normal occasions with the most modest look ever. 
The bridal Kanjeevaram sarees are woven with gold threads to make your look stand out and give you a divine ostentatious appearance. They are expensive and exclusively made for weddings, they are genuinely ultra-special. We can only assume how special these sarees are as our Bollywood celebs wear Kanjeevaram in extremely big functions and occasions; be it 80s beauty like Rekha to young divas like Deepika Padukone, Tamannah Bhatia, Vidya Balan, all were stunningly charmed wearing Kanjeevaram. 
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