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Bride Mehndi or Henna is nothing but one of a jewel for soon brides-to-be. The bride and the groom’s family adore this ritual at their own residences. Yes!  Soon be grooms also put mehndi on their hands. Why should only girls have all the elements to look pretty?  The mehndi ceremony is believed to be a women-centric ceremony with the men of the family generally not getting involved, but we at Wedcells Events apply a simple mehndi design on the palm of the groom to add on more fun and strengthen the bond of love. 
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Yes, Wedcells Events organizes this small and full of fun ceremony just the day before the wedding night. Generally, the outfits preferred for the ceremony are in light colors, nothing very flashy, but at the same time the decoration, songs, and music, everything is as perfect as one good function. Our venues are decked up with flowers and colorful draperies. We also plan the outfit and makeup of the bride, usually, they prefer wearing a bright color, say yellow or light green colored Lehenga, and the groom wears Kurta Pajama that too in bright colors. It is not compulsory for the groom to wear Mehendi, but a little bit is applied on his hands and feet in simple designs just to make the function special and worth memorable. Our team has a collection of the entire latest mehndi designs pattern like – Floral Mehndi, Arabic Mehndi, Rajasthani Mehndi, Crystal Mehndi, Tattoo Mehndi, etc along with the traditional Indian Mehndi. Our designs majorly consist of floral patterns, religious symbols, with the name of the partner; however the design may vary as per the choice of the bride. Mehndi is applied on both full hands and foot of the bride while adding beauty and uniqueness to each design applied.

Our team takes care of every little detail to make the event unique and special. Generally the henna for the bride’s ceremony has to arrive from the groom’s side. We also understand about the gift exchange rituals between the families and also help you with the right selection of gifts like fruits, dry fruits and sweets. Our bridal designs are rich and sharp, it is applied on the front and back palm, forearm, till above the elbows, and on the feet till below the knee. Our team satisfies every women relative with our professional artists and their best designs.