Impact of Covid-19 pandemic on wedding industry and how to break the chain of coronavirus?

By Admin 26-11-2021 02 Comments

March 25 lockdown announcement had the worst impact globally. Many industries collapsed and so was wedding industries. Traders, vendors, banquets all were shut, industries were panicking and dwelling in anxieties. For many industries, the lockdown certainly proved to be a disastrous decision, however, for the people of the nation this was a lifesaving decision. India’s mortality rate was much lesser than foreign countries because our country announced a nationwide lockdown quite early. So, Yes! Thank you government! But what about businesses? The wedding industry was abating during that time. All weddings got canceled for the time and were preponed for the next unknown while. 

But as it is said – “the two most powerful warriors are patience and time”; with patience and time, people started to come with several other alternatives like the ‘online world’ for weddings too. And the game of the wedding industry started to rise again. Many couples opted to move forward with their wedding during the pandemic which motivated others to do the same. They started to plan their day at home with all the rituals and ceremonials. Later, a minimum of 50 guests was allowed for an outdoor wedding too. Bride and Grooms started shopping. Bridal outfits, jewelry, Sherwanis were again on demand. So this is how the game picked up!
Many wedding planning companies came up with e-commerce portals to help achieve the dreams of couples who were daring to plan weddings amid pandemics. WedCell Events is one such online platform. Our team of experts provides you with the most reliable wedding vendors at a single click of a button. From rich and colorful decoration elements to bridal lehengas, sherwani, footwear, jewelry; to booking your dreamy wedding destination, we cover everything. Our team of well-experienced professionals love what they do and feel immensely proud to help you make your big day a grand success. We can plan the entire ceremony for you at the most affordable price solely under your budget.   

The spread of Coronavirus has not ended yet; therefore our team takes this initiative to tell you that – we should continue practicing social distancing, sanitizing, and wearing masks to break the chain of coronavirus. Till then, a gathering is not allowed for our own safety. We should together take steps to end coronavirus and should never take the safety measures lightly. We must be aware of our neighbors and ask our surroundings too to not take safety steps for granted. We all are pretty well acquainted with the life when the virus was on peak. The life of the middle class was caged in walls and if anyone dared to step outside they were exposed to the danger of the virus. Hospitals were out of beds, people were forced to find ways to get treatment at home. Our only rescue was hospitals and that too turned into black markets, where prices of vital medicines, oxygen cylinders, and concentrators were skyrocketed. The news of demises was proliferating and people at home became xenophobic.  Therefore, go out of home only for necessary things, avoid crowding or grouping, not just on a personal level but also stop people who are practicing grouping. Take decisions and act as a responsible citizen of India.