Plan your hassle free wedding and book best banquets with Wedcell Events!

By Admin 27-11-2021 02 Comments

After all the problems faced amid the pandemic, we the members of Wedcell are here to provide the best options for your celebration and merriment.  Pandemic taught us a great lesson to never miss any opportunity of getting together with your loved ones and celebrating. Therefore, we intend to provide all the elements of the celebration.
Hosting a big and distinguished wedding needs the best banquet Hall services to turn your event into an enjoyable and memorable one.  Therefore if you are looking for the best banquet services, this is the right place for you to find what exactly you need at the best prices. 

First let us understand What banquets services are – In present times, banquet service is considered to be an extravagant meal than a regular family dinner. It comes with a range of facilities, activities, and hospitality, as per the scope of the event or the size of your guests. Banquets can host varied events like weddings, receptions, meetings, conferences etc. and accordingly the services are varied too and decided by extent of the event, menu, and crowd.

Banquet services have various types too and Wedcell Events can book every type as per your requirement for the event. Give a look at all the types.
Buffet service - This is known to all and most popular. This service is mostly chosen for events with a large number of members. In this we see a buffet line of food choices, the guests are supposed to pass through buffet lines and serve themselves. It is the most convenient method of choosing according to the personalized choice of the guests.

Reception service: This service involves a group of people gathered in a room and engaging themselves in chatting while eating. This is known to be a special gathering where family, friends, and all the loved ones came together for a special occasion.  

Food Stall service: This banquet service comprises food stalls also known as stations offering cuisines, courses, and various dishes to the guests. Sometimes these stalls are manned by chefs, if you wish to, who prepare food in front of the guests. The common food stalls which you must have seen are pasta corners, sushi stations, desserts places, etc.

Plated Service: This service is quite detailed pre-planned, where the guests are seated, and servers bring food already portioned into the plates from the kitchen. The plated style is also very commonly seen at formal events, seminars, functions, and dinners.