The Collage of your Best Shots!

By Admin 26-11-2021 02 Comments

Photographers really work hard throughout the event, and also after the shoot, as they make the collage of your best shots taken. Imagine a big collage in a single frame capturing all your special moments in almost all types of collage photography styles! Later, looking at that frame on the wall with all your stunning photos, will definitely give a huge nostalgia. 

Many couples also wish for Polaroid collage that portrays a sense of movement as you look into it. Photographers can also highlight your story through the collage by making some perfect combinations. They let you feel the story and takes you inside the family, rituals and most importantly the emotion behind the event, like for example – the story behind wedding ceremony. You will be glad and thankful to remember those events and moments after years. Some couples start taking shots from the day the wedding date is confirmed and then gives all pictures to the professional photographers to make the story in the form of a collage.
Hence, if you don’t know much about photography then you must understand the different types of photography to know what exactly you want from your photographers in your collage.
Traditional Photography –  This covers big pictures of your entire wedding ceremony, the family picture, picture of the guests, Barat, food, Bidai etc. These are the mandatory ones.

Contemporary Photography –  This includes modern and current photography styles. The photos capture dreamy moments in artistic way, unusual composition and unique aesthetic feel.