Things to Know Before Becoming A Makeup Artist

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Every bride has unique tastes and different styles. So, when they choose their makeup artist, there are certain qualities they would love to see. Our company Wedcell Pvt Ltd has a team of dynamic makeup artists to provide makeup services to any occasion, like weddings, engagements, birthdays, etc. We assume that a client’s biggest concerns when it comes to makeup are:
Looking absolute best while still looking like her in the finished product
Expressing her personal style
  1. Having the rest of the party or wedding ceremony look their best too
  2. Having a look that lasts long
  3. Getting quality service that is affordable and within her budget
And our team assures the fulfillment of every concern happily and in the most supreme manner.

We at Wedcells Event Pvt Ltd create unique looks per client based on their complexion, skin type, eye color, hair color, or even from what they are wearing (like a wedding dress). Our consultation ranges based on each function or party which requires makeup artists to be experienced, creative and skilled to create custom looks with a range of products to best suit each client. 
We genuinely believe that a successful makeup artist must have a welcoming personality and observant skills. Our team has a group of makeup artists who works with each client individually to meet their needs and glorify their beauty using makeup artistry skills. We promise to listen to your likes and dislikes when it comes to different products. For instance, if you want bright red lipstick but that does not match your skin tone, we will satisfy you by creating a perfect look for you.  Our company is happy to have such make artists who are well-practiced and have mastered their interpersonal skills and leaves no stone unturned to satisfy every customer. 
We have Makeup services for a different kind of occasion
Wedding Day: On your special day we provide you with the best makeup artists who will be with the bride for the entire event and make the bride most unique and elegant in their own way. We also have makeup artists for the groom’s makeup. Our team of stylists brings creative and trendy ideas to make the groom the best fit and compete with our bride in their own unique way. Bridal and Groom makeup for the wedding day is relatively more expensive compared to makeup for other smaller functions.
Other Special occasion makeup: This makeup is for the other small functions, it could be for Sangeet, Mehendi, Engagement, and Reception, or Birthday, Anniversary, etc. 
Family/Guest makeup: It is done for guests and the rest of the family members in the ceremony or party. You can also choose it if you have a Roka ceremony or Mehendi day function. The expense for party makeup is usually one-fourth of what you would spend on the wedding day makeup.
Our team of well-skilled makeup artists is worthy enough for ample reason, some of their qualities are highlighted below
Relevant Experience 
Airbrushing Skills
Hair Styling skills
Eye Make up

Fresh and Creative Ideas
We at Wedcell Events have diverse makeup packages as well. Brides and Grooms are mostly concerned about their own makeup on their D-Day; however, they also want to make sure about their wedding party looks! Therefore we offer bridal packages that cover the entire wedding party or function. Some of the packages are 
  • Makeup plus airbrush for the bride
  • Makeup plus hairstyling for the bride
  • Regular makeup for family and airbrush makeup for the bride

Combination of regular makeup, airbrush makeup, and hairstyling for the entire ceremony

Some of our best-friendly services are listed below for which we take immense pride.

  • Arriving prepared and ready for the day
  • Speaking and acting professionally but still being friendly
  • Taking care of your personal appearance
  • Practicing good safety and hygiene
  • Giving each contract your best effort and attention to detail
  • Listening and communicating effectively
  • Making those clients your sole priority at that time

Our company firmly believes that maintaining good relationships with our clients is really crucial and delightful. Happy customers will recommend to their friends and family. Brides and grooms who come across our online portfolio and like what they see book us in no time and we feel delighted and overwhelmed while working for their special day to make it worth remembering and unique. 

So you don’t need to worry about looking pretty, book us now. We take pride in helping you and making your dream look into reality. Do not linger and contact us. Experience our services and make your day worth remembering.