Wear Flower Jewelry on Your Mehndi, Haldi and Roka Ceremony

By Admin 01-12-2021 02 Comments

Any bride to be’s wedding shopping list is incomplete without a collection of fashionable jewelry, that too not just for the wedding night but for every pre-wedding function including Mehndi, Sangeet, etc. But, rationally we all know that different sets of gold or silver jewelry for every function can cost you a very high price. So why not consider buying imitation jewelry like flower jewelry?  Nowadays, nobody cares if somebody is not wearing gold, as long as the bride wears a stunning and fashionable look and looks absolutely elegant wearing it.
Pre-wedding ceremonials like mehndi, Haldi, or even cocktail parties allow brides to enjoy and have immense fun. Floral jewelry works best in these types of crazy functions and it comes all in handy. Imagine beautiful fragrant flowers adding freshness to your overall look! Floral jewelry includes beautiful flowers like mogra, roses, lotus or orchids. 

Wedcell Events wishes that even amidst pandemic brides and grooms should enjoy their wedding planning to the fullest. We also take good care of your budget so that every wedding element is under your understanding of cost. And according to us, Floral Jewelry is the best way to replace pricey jewelry. It is not only a best replacement but also springs a remarkable and most memorable look to our to-be-bride. We have amazing service of floral jewelry vendors. For the traditional look they usually go for fresh rose petals, and lotus. And for modern look they pick orchids, button daisy, gypsophila, wax flowers etc. Our team will provide you the best ones who know all the latest trends in floral jewelry.

Just like other jewelry floral jewelry also comes in all the types and forms. Here are all the types of floral jewelry, you can have a look.

Big and Beautiful Maangtikas: It is generally like - tuberose flowers go as the chain and a bigger flower forms the maangtika.

Gorgeous Earrings: These are big floral earrings, or they can also come in danglers according to your choice of flower.

Stunning Neckpieces:  Floral Necklace and again be simple or big and outstanding according to your like. There are also different mix colors neckpiece styles.

Cute Armbands: Floral jewelry also includes pretty armband made of flowers with just simple bands or with a floral pendant in between.

Classy Bangles: Yes Floral Bangles are very common but can come in beautiful designs and style

Small Finger Rings: beautiful combination of flowers attach to a hand band make a floral finger ring.

Beautiful Kamarband: Beautiful floral Kamarband looks really stunning on brides wearing around the waist and over the sari or any function attire that the bride is putting.